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Returning in 2018! Join us for journeying to nonordinary reality! Shamanic journeying is the art of traveling within to the...
Returning in 2018! A traditional moon lodge was the place where women went when they were "on their moon," or...
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May 4-6, 2018

Shamanic Retreat for Women
Explore, Heal, Transform

Spirit Fire Retreat Center in Leyden, Mass

Co-led with Marci Zieff of Creating Calm

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Thursday, January 04
Exciting opportunities for 2018 are beginning to emerge as Carolyn plans programs and experiential happenings to help you get to your next level. Whether you are trying to step more fully into your power to be...
Five Reasons Fido Needs a Massage
Wednesday, January 17
Small animal massage is growing in popularity as a regular way to maintain and support the health of your dog, cat, or even rabbit. It consists of manipulating the soft tissues of your pet’s body to...
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Bliss Certificate - 3 hour-long sessions!
Bliss Certificate - 3 hour-long sessions!